What Do You Think of Shapely Women?

Content - As a quick note, I'm going to try adding comments about each picture so that the posts have more substance. Or maybe I'll do poetry and prose excerpts. I tried writing witty dialogue a month ago, but that bombed.

Style - Also, I'm returning to one artistic style at a time. I've been experimenting with a new time period or genre each day, but when looking down the posts, it's not pleasing at all. So I'm going back to one style at a time. If one set of pictures isn't your think, wait a few days and we'll be back to your faves!

Nudes - And finally, I have a backlog of nudes that I'd like to post, but I want to keep the main page and RSS feeds family-friendly. If you're reading this – do you have an idea of how to separate these out appropriately?

Other comments are welcome as well!