The Revamped Shapely Women
We've been making changes here at Shapely Women! My computer just totally crashed from beauty overload, apparently, so this post will be more haphazard than intended. But... there's still a lot of news to share!

We'd like to have more regular readership, and that doesn't work when we post all at once, once a month. So as of late November, we've switched to daily posts, making it much easier to sign up for our RSS feed and see another lovely lady each day. On the main page, click on "Subscribe" at the right for numerous options.

Sharing now super-easy! If you find a picture you love, you can email, blog, twitter, or facebook it with just the click of a button. Look for the five little squares at the bottom of each post.

Savoring and Saving
If you click on the picture, you'll be taken to a larger version. Enjoy, then right-click to save to your computer.

For an extra kick to browse our collection, pick your favorites, and comment on what you find most intriguing -- we're having a comment contest! The person leaving the most thoughtful comments by Christmas will get a $10 Amazon gift certificate! If many people get involved, there will be more certificates!

Our dream is that every woman could find a picture of a beautiful woman that looks a whole lot like her. This means we'd like to have everyone involved. As we start building in regular incentives for you to regularly read, participate, comment, rate, submit pictures, and invite your friends, keep an eye out for future contests. Comments? Feedback? Send it to